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The student loan system is in desperate need of reform, as more and more graduates struggle to find work and pay off their student loans.The face of the student debt crisis looks less like a doctor or lawyer with six-figures in loans and more like Danielle Adorno.

Student-loan debt is widely perceived to be a problem, even a crisis.

Chances are, you know someone (or you are that someone) burdened with student loan debt.

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Student Debt Crisis and NerdWallet held a survey about your experiences with private student debt relief companies.But borrowers can enroll in consolidation and forgiveness programs for free on their own.These well-documented trends, coupled with an economy weakened.

The student loan debt crisis has continued to form into a nationwide bubble.Mounting student loan debt is ricocheting through the United States, now affecting institutions and economic.When discussing the student debt crisis, most people focus on the rapid growth in outstanding debt and several recent milestones.

The debt weighs on our...She went to Northeastern University to get a degree in sociology.

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We highlight four main reasons for the student loan crisis to help people make better solutions.

Student loan debt is one of the many reasons why some market participants fail to recognize the bullish potential of the Millennial generation.

Like the pre-crisis mortgage. she described the similarities she saw between student debt and the housing crisis that.

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... the Student Loan Crisis is Nothing Like the Mortgage Crisis - Forbes